Press the Point

logoIn this content-rich world getting media traction on any issue is exceptionally challenging.

While there are plenty of media platforms to get messages, stories and issues out there, it’s breaking through the grey noise of communications that makes the difference.

Consider this:

  • Your media release competes with hundreds of other stories churning through newsrooms every day for space and time


  • In print you have a few paragraphs if you’re lucky to get quoted and to get your point across


  • In radio you will get around 10-15 seconds in a standard bulletin


  • In television your grab will be around 10-15 seconds


  • On your website – go for your life but you’re in the mix with the rest of the world!


  • On twitter, well we all know that’s up to 140 characters and your content competes in the grey noise of twitter feeds


  • Your blog is one of how many blogs out there on the same subject matter?


  • On Facebook – open slather and so it goes on.


Press the Point can help your organisation to better understand its communication objectives and to develop a strategic approach to communications that maximises media traction while minimising any waste in time and effort.

You get the point, so…Don’t just make a point, PRESS the point.