Media 101


Media 101 presentation at the Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre
Media 101 presentation at the Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre

Karen presents at a perfect pace, with perfect concise information – insightful, great anecdotes in a personable and friendly manner. Great seminar!”.

“Excellent, relevant, loads of great tips and info. Thank you so much”.

“Great course which was well presented with lots of great tips”.

“Practical and pithy”.

“Great!! Enjoyed immensely”.

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If you would like to get some great tips that are practical and pithy, with perfect concise information about how the media works, talk to Press the Point.

Workshops are tailored to your business needs.

Communications inside and out

This seminar will give your organisation a better understanding about how the mainstream and social media works, thinks and operates. Your executives and/or staff will learn why their role in your organisation can make a difference to your communications. It covers:

  • The basics of media
  • Key messaging
  • Deadlines and how they impact on your organisation
  • Handling cold calls
  • The operational and content differences between mainstream media and social media
  • How to write an engaging article
  • How to maximise your impact and minimise your efforts with editorial
  • Rules of engagement for staff using social media