Selected services

Off the shelf

Efficient and timely communication services.

These services are designed for your immediate communication needs. Select any or all:

  • Communications advice and liaison
    • Get Press the Point to handle your calls
    • Get you prepared quickly for an interview
    • Get the message right


  • Crafting content for media releases, targeted distribution and monitoring
    • Get Press the Point to find the angle to your story
    • Get your release to the right media channels
    • Get a report on its traction


  • Crafting content for blogs, newsletters, speeches, opinion editorials and websites
    • Get Press the Point to produce engaging and competitive articles
    • Get your articles geared for multiple platforms
    • Get your language, tone and style right for your audience


  • Editing and proofreading
    • Get Press the Point to give your organisation a professional look and feel to its content
    • Get those missed typos and odd spelling mistakes
    • Get your website content reviewed, refreshed and updated


  • Podcasting
    • Get your conversation happening with listeners
    • Get your content down to neat, audible segments that your audience can listen on the way to and from work
    • Get your audio content shared with like-minded listeners
    • Here’s an example of a Press the Point podcast


  • A 12 month blog plan
    • Get Press the Point to help you plan ahead with engaging content
    • Get creative with ideas
    • Get the content to leverage off key dates


  • YouTube and corporate video scripts
    • Get Press the Point to write your story to your pictures
    • Get the right pictures to tell your story
    • Get your script designed for a smart, short and effective video
    • Here’s an example of a Press the Point corporate video created in collaboration with Newcast