Executive media training

Recording now!

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Once the camera is rolling or the record button is on, you’re hard pressed to get a reporter to “edit that out”. The media is an unforgiving space and expects spokespeople to be media talent.

Press the Point’s media training gives executives a better understanding about how the media operates from an editorial perspective through to a practical point of view. Executives are put through a number of interviews to test their ability while being cross-examined. This training will help you to become reliable, media ‘talent’.

Why run the risk of practicing your interviewing skills on the run in ‘real life’, when you can practice the art of interviewing in your own time.

Or you may just need a refresher on interviewing skills because practice makes perfect!

Here are some key considerations about media expertise:

  • Getting the message into a grab – that 20 second nutshell
  • Giving clear, concise information to minimise any misreporting
  • Handling an interview to get it under as much as control as possible
  • Knowing how to prepare and be on the front foot before the record button is pressed
  • Managing those questions that come from left of field
  • Handling cold calls
  • Not freezing on air with the thought that 100,000s of people are listening to or viewing you
  • Getting comfortable with the camera, even for your latest Youtube video

Press the Point can tailor an executive media training session for your level of experience. The sessions can range from the absolute basics through to a refresher course.