Writing and editing


Let’s tell a good story!

Press the Point can craft your content to make your story an interesting read.

Following years of experience writing for the media, Karen is able to find your angle, get that headline and gear the editorial to meet your audience’s needs.

Read: What do German cars, peanut butter and a heart and diabetes researcher have in common? A seemingly astonishing lack of corporate governance; a misguided sense of cost and benefit and a flagrant disregard for risk and risk management.

No one will ever find out … until you’re found out

Website content

Your website is one of your most important company documents.

It’s often your customer’s first encounter with you, your product or service. It’s also a document that requires regular housekeeping and refreshing so that you look contemporary, up to date and relevant.

Website pages are not the place for essays. Your customers are often impatient for the information they’re seeking and if you don’t get to the point quickly and effectively they will move on just as quickly.

Press the Point can help you with your content and website story to tell your customers why you’re the answer to their service needs.

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